Leung Enterprises

provides small businesses and early-stage startups with software development services and technical expertise in web technologies and infrastructure.

We also provide investment advisory services through the Leung Enterprises Investment Advisory Division.

What We Can Do For You

  • Need a minimum viable product built for your web or mobile app idea? We will turn your specification into robust reality. Selected work includes Issa Caption, Guess the Font, and Final Grade Calculator.
  • Need a new landing page, website, or Wordpress blog built? We will design, build, and configure a site for maximum performance and optimal user experience. Selected work includes Premia Holdings, John Com Productions, Saffron Indian Kitchen, and Wissahickon Track and Field.
  • Have an early-stage SaaS app? We will provision the infrastructure necessary for the next stage of growth. Work includes setting up Terraform and AWS infrastructure for Suap and Wrinkl.
  • Need to hire contract or freelance workers in web technologies? We will interview candidates and assess their expertise. Experience: did technical screens at Wrinkl and Jupiter.
  • Need to modernize an aging web codebase? We will provide best practices for bringing a repository up date date with ESNext and as well as expertise in modern frameworks and design patterns. Experience includes Angular 2 work at Google and the install-peerdeps tool.



If you have a project which sounds like a fit, contact us at [email protected].