Leung Enterprises

provides small businesses and early-stage startups with software development services and technical expertise in blockchain and web technologies.

What We Can Do For You

  • Launching a crypto/web3 product?
    From EVM internals to web3.js, we can prototype a blockchain project for you from end to end. Previous experience includes web3 work at Rari Capital and various side projects like fallback().
  • Need a full-stack MVP for your web or mobile app idea?
    We will turn your specification into robust reality, from frontend to backend. Selected work includes: Guess the Font; Final Grade Calculator; full-stack work with Kotlin, gRPC, TypeScript, and GraphQL at Jupiter; and full-stack work with Flask, SQL, and React at Ramp.
  • Have an early-stage SaaS app?
    We will provision the infrastructure necessary for the next stage of growth. Work includes setting up Terraform, AWS, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, and general CI/CD infrastructure for Suap, Jupiter, and Wrinkl.
  • Need to hire contract or freelance workers in web technologies?
    We will interview candidates and assess their expertise. Experience: did technical screens at Wrinkl and Jupiter.
  • Need to modernize an aging web codebase?
    We will provide best practices for bringing a repository up to date with modern TypeScript/JavaScript frameworks and design patterns. Experience includes Angular 2 work at Google and the install-peerdeps tool.
  • Need a new landing page, website, or Wordpress blog built?
    We will design, build, and configure a site for maximum performance and optimal user experience. Selected work includes Premia Holdings and Wissahickon Track and Field.


If you have a project which sounds like a fit, contact us at [email protected].